Manoj Mahalingam

Manoj Mahalingam is a Principal Engineer at Avalara. Previously, he worked with Indix as a Principal Engineer and with ThoughtWorks as a Senior Application Developer.

Manoj is the author of the book Learning Continuous Integration with TeamCity

He codes in Scala, JavaScript, Python, Ruby and C#. He likes to think he knows Haskell, but Maybe he doesn’t. He is also extremely fond of PowerShell and is the author of the PowerShell-based build-and-release framework YDeliver.

He has employed Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery in a number of projects, ranging across all the major tech stacks. He has also spoken at a number of conferences, including Scale By the Bay, Pycon India and Devopsdays India.

He can be found answering questions on Stack Overflow at manojlds and also contributing to a number of projects on GitHub.